Trade and earn on the cryptocurrency market
A team of experienced traders will guide you into the realm of cryptocurrencies and instruct you on trading techniques using top-notch software.
Working with us, you get:
We provide the tools and knowledge for successful cryptocurrency trading. Our goal is to make you a confident trader capable of making informed decisions and effectively managing investments. We not only teach theory but also provide real trading experience. After completing the course, we provide you with a deposit so you can apply your knowledge in practice.
Our goal
Advanced courses and experienced tutors will help you learn how to trade using specialized software.
The company provides you with an initial deposit that will invrease along with your progress.
We have gathered a community of like-minded traders supporting and helping each other.
We use next-generation trading platform.
Convenient and flexible interface

The terminal is designed to meet the needs and comfort of traders.
Instant response
It only takes a few milliseconds from the click to order placement.
Diverse strategies
Variety of algorithms and filters for different market situations
Free from unnecessary functions, cluttered technical details, and unnecessary information.
Trade with MoonTrader
A user-friendly interface that enables traders to oversee their portfolios and track real-time price charts for different cryptocurrencies.
Our Courses
Algorithmic trading
This course is designed for those who aim to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies automatically using algorithms and create their own trading strategies.
Manual trading
This course is designed for those who aim to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies successfully using their analytical skills and market knowledge.
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